Sunday, November 22, 2009


in this world's library, we are books having thousands of pages, with numerous words, and in between them, lies many irreparable truths...


days shall change,
may be the years too,
but the darkness will still exist,
its not wishes that has to be passed,
its not a saviour who has to be reborn,
it is us who has to change our self...


A broken rope is tied. It will have a knot on it. If we have to avoid the knot, the rope will get small. Once broken it shall never ever regain its first shape...


people stay away from you, bcoz you may be ill by body, friends stay away from you, bcoz you'll be ill by mind.dont hesitate, start taking pills now itself...


the face of acceptance, you express not to appear;the kindness, you wish not to give;the cry of pain, you like not to hear;the prayer of faith, you dont know to drive the vehicle, you avoid obstacles, you gain speed, you meet the most dreadful accident...


expecting to see tomorrow's sunshine, the day left me behind with a lot of unanswered questions towards me to quest within, i surrendered some answers for them, but a few still left, the rest i asked for your help, no answer still, i now doubt;
are you dead yet?
dont you hear the call of the child?


let the mercy be the rain
in the reign
of pain.
once you begin it,
there's no escape,
no turning back.
find your feet
to stand.
fight your curse
to live.
life is so stochastic,
you live it,
not somebody...


time is just a counting system, numbers are instincts to tell you to be aware because your sins will haunt you out, when you step out of the illusion of reality


the sharpness of knife could be known when they are used to cut something, but the sharpness of words are felt, when they fall upon our heart


i saw my whole life as if i had already lived endless parade of curses and burning vengeance; always the same narrow people to show the pity in name . . .


read if you have the ability to understand, look if you feel sympathy, talk if you can speak, consider if you can, hate if you are free to hate; not all are FOOLS


Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and i learn, whatever state i may be in, therein to be content...

Saturday, August 8, 2009


tomorrow never dies, so you may guess what shall come on your way . . .
but if tomorrow never comes, you will not be able to say sorry for what you have done, you will not be able to regret for your irresponsibility,
you will not be able to reach out for your dreams,
you will not be able to give what you wanted to give
you will not be able to forget the past anymore . .


every war has its own casualities, may be a warrior, may be an enemy, may be the soldier, may be an innocent...


don't spread out your sorrows before others like a broken ornament. It would only fetch sympathy. What is worse in this world than helpless sympathy? which dog needs it?
Show your courage by standing tall...


there's never a guarantee of time coming back, if you have made the choice, dont look back, because; worse is happening in mysterious ways...
some people like it, some people dont..


we all try to be happy and safe throughout our life, we dont realise that, from the moment we are born, we start dying...


life brings hope and pain, but revenge brings redemption of evil to ourself


you never accepted the truth,
you always had some lame reasons for not doing something.
has anyone limited you to think with free mind?
think whatever you like, do anything with your life if it is not hurting anyone.
This is your life, live it free...
try to make more precious moments in your life, and leave them as memories, so that, let the future, live your life, through your memories..


NEVER HAVE A GUESS, BE SURE TO SAY YES OR NO, because... many people's life depends on your YES or NO...


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